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Tuscany Design Build, Inc is a full service energy, design, and building management company. The company, incorporated in 1992, offers both small and large scale application of its expertise in the building, designing, remodeling, and energy applications, both in the commercial and residential sectors. We focus on upon personalized design, engineering, remodeling, and building for the individual homeowner as well as the commercial owner by using quality building products that are designed to last. We have served as project managers for over 20 years and have overseen over 40 million dollars worth of projects. Our crew of quality craftsman and well drillers are very much dedicated to customer satisfaction. We take a great deal of time and research to find what's best for you, examining possible moisture and thermal dynamic complications, and working out a plausible solution. We have over 140 total years of "on the job" experience.

In 1993 in the township of Glastonbury, CT, John Warren and Peter Governale built the 1st Energy Star home in CT sponsored by the State Utility companies. Since then, with the rapid increase of geothermal technology in the building market as well as other Best Management Practices (BMP) and Energy Conservation Measures (ECM), the company has grown to what it is today.

Our crew is certified and licensed in civil and structural engineering, EPA Watershed Management, Solar Photovoltaic, HVAC design and installation, geothermal design and engineering. Our geothermal design and engineering crew have traveled throughout the country and the world and have a lifetime of experience, knowing what it means to build with integrity. Tuscany Design Build is also a Green Mechanical Council advisor, is participating in educational outreach programs through out the state, and are currently acquiring patents on new energy technologies.

Whether it’s a kitchen, sunroom or a home, perhaps requiring 400 units or more of retail space that needs project management (BIM) or geothermal installation and BMP in design for energy and water management, our company offers its “on the job” expertise.

Included is a 10 year labor and material warranty on our installed geothermal heat pumps as well as 50 years on the loop applications. Our HVAC ventilation systems in both residential and commercial have a limited 10 year parts and labor warranty.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build and install applications with proper design and quality sustainable energy products. We use scientific data and analysis as well as our experience in Watershed Managemtn to promote the Life Cycle Assessment or Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) on the application's performance and integrity.

A flexible and innovated approach to every project to optimize the client’s goals as well as its performance is really what we are all about; Allowing us to solve virtually any problem that may come our way, whether it may be aesthetic, moisture, or performance related. Anything we can do to ensure customer satisfaction and at the same time build something thats good for planet Earth - that is our mission.

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About the Owner

Peter Governale, one of the corporate share holders and President of the company, has been involved in the construction, remodeling, and energy management of projects since 1979. He is currently a certified IGSHPA geo thermal installer and is certified in EPA Watershed Management. He is a “hands on the job” worker for remodeling and building projects. He is currently working with the Energy Institute for Sustainability. Peter Governale holds certification in HVAC Excellence from Ferris State University by the Green Mechanical Council. He is currently a guest on Green International radio for geo thermal technology.

Peter graduated college as a special needs instructor for underprivileged students and has taught at East Hartford School districts. In college he was awarded the top Student–Athlete for academics, baseball and soccer, also reaching the All-American honors for soccer. He also has been head coach for 4 years developing 3 new collegiate goalkeepers that where awarded All American honors, Adidias Player of The Year, and All New England Honors. Data and analysis of sports and science are his passion. Favorite science books: “The Science of Hitting” by Ted Williams, “Money Ball”, and “The Privileged Planet” by Gonzales.

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Client Perks

Since 2001, we have been taking our clients to Fenway Park. We go every year and offer a choice of up to three games.

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